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KAAA-USA is a non-profit organization 501(c) that supports and promotes Korean American Archers in the USA.  We want to promote success of our Korean American Archers in the USA through competition and their Korean heritage. 

Our motherland of South Korea has produced many world class Olympic Archers through very successful archery programs.  Our KAAA-USA currently has archery clubs throughout the United States that are taught by previous Korean National Team Members.  (Please see below) 

Hyang Soon Seo - 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist - HSS Archery Club, Orange County, CA

Young Sook Yoon - 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist - 88 Archery Club, Atlanta, GA

Dong Won Kang - Korean National Team - Win&Archery Club, Chantilly, VA

Kyung Wook Kim - 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist - GK1996 Club, Orange County, CA

Sung Woo Shin - SW Archery Club, New Jersey


 KAAA-USA History:


In 2011, KAAA-USA was formed in California by Hyang Soon Seo, who is the director at HSS Archery club.  She wanted to promote an Korean Archery program since she was the first Korean to receive the Gold Medal in the Olympics. 

Current Executives:

Currently, KAAA-USA has been relocated to Fairfax, Virginia.  Below is the list of our current Executives: 

Sam Chung, President

Youngsook Alexander, Vice President

Kyungwook Kim, Vice President

Janette Kim, Vice President
Yongwook Choi, Secretary

Dongwon Kang, Head Coach

Dennis Lee, Auditor

Michael Kim, Counselor

Grace Wolf Cunningham, Advisor

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